Waste Prevention Tips For Your Home

What Are The Waste Prevention Tips For Your Home?

The best way to effectively manage your trash is to start from your home. Before you call in a waste removal company, there are things you can do to reduce the amount of waste you’re generating, also manage the little you’ve generated, effectively. Simple daily habits like deciding to use cloth bags instead of plastic bags is a great way to start. You can also choose to begin reusing plastic bottles at home rather than throwing them in the trash bin. Same Day Rubbish Removal Professionals, always encourage customers to try these simple waste prevention tips at their homes;

  1. Minimize the use of water bottles

Londoners are notoriously fond of buying water in plastic bottles and later disposing of the bottles in bins. So much so that the Mayor of London even launched an initiative to encourage residents to carry recyclable water bottles; carry your own water or refill while on the move. Avoid buying bottled water and consider getting your water from a spring or a well.

If you don’t have access to both or either of these, you can buy a filter and drink your water directly from the tap. Many Top waste removal companies in London also recommend this practice to keep London clean and the environment healthy.

  1. Minimize the use of plastic bags.

Always ensure that you buy cloth bags or reusable bags or shopping. Carry them in your handbag or in your car just in case you come around something that you need to buy. Cloth bags tend to stay for longer than plastic bags. This will ensure that you trash your trash bin less and fewer times.

Using cloth bags will significantly reduce the amount of plastic bags waste at your home. You can decide to have specific cloth bags at home for different goods. For instance, you can have a bag for groceries and another one for cereals and so on.

  1. Give out some things for free.

If you are set for bulky waste, let your neighbors know so that they can come and choose what they can reuse. This way, you will reduce the amount of waste from your home and also reduce what will go to the landfills.

waste management tips at home

  1. Only cook or buy food you can eat and not leave some leftovers.

Think about this; how much food have you had to throw away just because it was some leftover food that was not eaten later? You get the picture now, only cook or buy the food that is enough for you and your family. Avoid leftover food; only buy or cook enough food.

This will minimize what will go to the compost. You can also try and give out food to neighbors or the food bank near you.

  1. Consider using cloth diapers.

Cloth diapers are healthier for the baby and to the environment. Back in the days, we’d use cloth diapers on babies, and they were very comfortable to the baby since they are soft and breathable. Cloth diapers are very reusable, so you will mostly not find yourself dumping diapers from time to time.

  1. Reduce the usage of paper towels around your home

Use old clothes as rags to clean surfaces around your home instead of using paper towels. This way, you will find that you are throwing fewer and fewer paper towels to your trash bin.

  1. Rely heavily on reusable glass containers

Consider carrying around reusable glass containers for takeaway food or for buying milk and other cereals. Find as many as you can and go with them at the milking parlor and buy milk with them instead of using non-reusable containers.

Bottom line

Reusing and reducing are the keywords for preventing waste at your home. If you get a grasp of these two terms and their practices, preventing a lot of waste will no longer be an overwhelming work.

Optionally, you can hire a waste clearance company in London, and they will help you in sorting out the trash at your home and ensuring that you only throw away what you cannot reuse.