Building of Uralchem Fertilizer

URALCHEM: Building a Complex for Production of Fertilizers in Angola

Dmitry Mazepin, in his efforts to expand his company URALCHEM, is currently in talks with African countries like Kenya, Mozambique, Zambia, Zimbabwe and recently, Angola. To show how serious Dmitry Mazepin is about his quests, URALCHEM unveiled plans to build a complex for the production of fertilizers in Angola. Angola is an African country located on the south of the continent bordering Namibia. Its diverse terrain boasts exquisite beaches which are beautifully contrasted by the sub-Saharan desert.

In light of the Russia-Africa economic forum, Dmitry Mazepin, URALCHEM chairman signed a Memorandum Of Understanding with Grupo Opaia SA. The two agreed to join hands to build an ammonia and urea fertilizer manufacturing complex in Angola.

The signing ceremony was graced by  Dmitry Konyaev, the deputy chairman of the board of directors URALCHEM who was there on behalf of the Chairman Dmitry Mazepin. Konyaev was accompanied Agostinho Kapaia. Alternatively, the President of Grupo Opaia SA showed up for the occasion to represent his country Angola.

Building Uralchem at Russia-Africa economic forum
  • More About the Investment?

The entire project is estimated to cost approximately $1.2 to $1.3 billion. The actual groundwork is set to begin in 2023 as URALCHEM seeks to successfully find adequate bank financing for the project. The Memorandum signed revealed that URALCHEM would be tasked with designing, construction and promotion of its products.

Grupo Opai SA, on the other hand, will be tasked with seeking approvals, permissions and to gather the documentation required to supply gas and locate the most viable site to set up the fertiliZer manufacturing complex.

In his statement, Dmitry Konyaev mentioned that “The planned production capacity of the complex is 1.2 million tons of urea. For the construction of the plant, we lay from 4 to 5 years. We hope that our cooperation with Grupo Opaia will be fruitful and we will be able to provide Angola and bordering countries with qualitative fertilizers.”

Production of Fertilizers in Angola

In his speech, Dmitry Konyaev mentioned that it is possible to find a lasting solution to technological snags, logistic problems and rampant food issues witnessed in Africa. He was categorical on why it is important for individual African countries to support and participate in development efforts such as the one on building a fertilizer manufacturing plant in Angola.

He added that government institutions, the business community and the development organizations all had a role to play in their quest to see their countries growing and moving forward. Dmitry Konyaev reiterated that Uralchem is willing to bring in agricultural consulting services closer to farmers in Angola and avail digital solutions in addition to bringing in high-quality mineral fertilizers.  

During the panel meeting, Dmitry Konyaev also emphasised the need for sustainable partnership in the agricultural sector.

Seeing as the ceremony was planned by the ministry of agriculture of the Russian Federation, others that graced the signing occasion included Russian business leaders, the department representatives, and industry specialists. 

They all shared discussions on how they would cultivate efforts to boost agriculture in Angola and throughout Africa. They also expressed their views and experiences overseeing projects in different African countries.

This was the first time a major Russia-Africa Economic forum was being held in Russia. With more of such events scheduled to occur in different African countries, the Russian Federation seems adamant in creating auspicious economic ties and enhancing trading.  

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