Premium models Agency in London To Offer International Date Models

Dolls and Roses is the premium escort agency in the UK, and if you are looking for a model to accompany you for a perfect international date then search no further! Dolls and Roses has gone to great lengths to ensure that they have the right models at your disposal, to ensure that you have someone hot accompanying you for an international date. All the models here are carefully vetted to ensure that they can get along well with you, regardless of your personality, nationality, tastes, even hobbies. London is home to many international events, and when attending such either as a spectator or participant, it is advisable to have a hot date besides you.

  • Take for instance the annual London Dog show held every 22nd and 23rd October! The event brings together dog owners, dog lovers, photographers, and many more in the same venue. Nothing would be more romantic than having a pretty and shapely Dolls and Roses by your side during this event; they know how to dress for outdoor events, including donning sexy shorts and tops to make the event even more enjoyable.
  • The London marathon is also a popular sporting event that attracts athletes and participants from all over the world. You can also run the marathon, not so much to win a medal but to keep fit! Having one of our Dolls and Roses models makes the race so much fun and thrilling; the escort will challenge you to finish the race, or in case she gets exhausted along the way, you too can motivate her to finish the race. The teamwork and spirit in such a race is a great way to bond, and bring your souls even closer by hiring high class escorts
  • The UK’s football premier league is another popular international event that you would do well by having an escort by your side. What’s your favorite football team? Get a Dolls and Roses model to dress in the jersey of your favorite team, and accompany you to watch the team play live.
  • The Wimbledon tennis tournament is one of the most prestigious tennis tournaments in the world. Will you just sit alone on the terraces, watching Serena William with her toned legs, or Maria Sharapova with her sexy looks and hair, battling it out without someone on your side? A pretty model from the premium escort agency in the UK would be a perfect companion! Most men watch tennis matches, not so much for the love of the game, but rather, to admire the scantily dressed female players. Having your own hot model from Dolls and Roses will go a long way in helping you concentrate more on the game.

There are numerous international events in the UK that would require you to have a model by your side offering Quality Company.

  • Depending on your individual tastes and preferences, you have a wide variety of models to choose from. Dolls and Roses has models from all parts of the world including Latinos, Arabs, Indians, Caucasians, and blacks.
  • Most of these models are bilingual; regardless of your language or nationality, you’ll find a lady who can understand your language, or help translate it into English. This is a good thing considering that most of the people and visitors coming to international events in London don’t speak English as their first language. See more models on Facebook


Dolls and Roses is the premium escort agency in the entire UK, and it is home to the best models for an international date. The models are bound to offer you memorable company even by world standards; once you’ve spent time with them, chances are that you’ll want to meet them again and again.