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Step-by-Step Guidance for EE Mobile Booster Installation

The EE Mobile Booster is by far the most effective and permanent way for you to do away with bad reception. There are other ways that can help you find a good signal and make that urgent phone call. But this is only a temporary solution that possibly won’t work the next time you experience a bad signal.

Millions of people experience signal problems and express their distaste by lodging numerous complaints. But with so many people needing help, it becomes a parent that you are better off taking matters into your own hands. How? By installing your own EE phone signal booster.

Are you one of those guys who know nothing about installing an EE mobile phone signal booster? Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to do it without needing help.

  • Step 1- Installing the Outdoor Antenna

You can either install your outdoor antenna on a wall or a tall pole. This antenna comes with an L-bracket which you use to fasten it on to either surface. Unscrew the tiny screws, securely place the antenna on the wall for instance and then tighten back the screws.

Make sure the antenna lies firmly on the horizontal plate. It’s always a good idea to use waterproof tape to wrap the area where the coax cable and the outdoor antenna connect. This way, this component of your EE booster is well protected from water damage in case it rains.

  • Step 2-Installing the Indoor Antenna

Scan your room and find the best area on the wall to mount the indoor antenna. Always go for that area where you think the reception is the strongest. Mount the L-bracket on the indoor wall just as you did on step 1 above.

  • Step 3- Installing the Booster

Find a clear area free of obstructions close to the power source or outlet. This is where you will set up your EE signal booster. The booster comes with a set of screws. At this point, it helps to use your manual to know which screws go where to mount the EE booster properly.

Once you have done that successfully, it is time to connect all three major components. Pick the hanging outdoor antenna cables and find the connector labelled ‘outdoor’. Using a handheld wrench link these cables to the booster. Repeat the same process but this time find the ‘indoor’ connector and link it to the booster.

Finally, plug in the AC power cord and switch on the booster. If you followed to correct procedure as detailed in the steps above the EE Mobile Booster should be up and running in no time. Contact your EE service provider if you have questions or if you have a hard time installing your EE phone signal booster

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