Types of Braces

Digital technology has inevitably helped in advancing dental technology. Braces have been designed using the latest technology to enhance improvements in the alignment of teeth. Today one can comfortably choose from a variety of braces. Below are the different types of braces available;

  • Metal braces; these are the most common braces worn and provided by orthodontists. The braces have brackets that are “glued” to each tooth.
  • Ceramic braces; the ceramic braces are not as visible compared to the metal braces. They are a bit more costly though, and not as strong as the metal braces. However, their invisible nature makes them very popular among adults.
  • Lingual braces; these type of braces are attached to the back of the teeth so that they are not visible when you smile. They are slightly costlier than the traditional braces and their advantages are apparent. See for Lingual brances London.
  • Invisalign clear braces; these are virtually invisible. Their alignment trays are created from molds and can be removed during brushing, flossing and soaking. They are expensive because of their clear and easily removable nature.
  • Damon braces; the Damon braces look like the metal braces but have an advantage over them; they do not require rubber bands. Instead, the brackets allow the wire to slide through, thus making them more comfortable.
  • Smart brackets; smart brackets braces are the latest technology in braces. They are intended to function as a brace system which provides measurements and information that can help reduce the time the braces have been worn.
  • Self ligating braces; this type of braces is known for getting rid of pesky rubber bands. The braces provide quick results without having to visit the orthodontic every week.
  • Clear braces; clear braces are popular because they blend in with the natural color of the teeth, thanks to their transparent nature.

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Braces are very effective in teeth straightening, and you have a variety to choose from orthodontists London.