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Top 3 credit cards That You Must have At least One

Credit cards are the most important and must have things now a days. Because its very convenient to carry in wallet and pocket instead of cash. Sometimes having too much cash in pocket can take you in trouble as robbers can target you. But having the credit card in your pocket can save you from this type of incident because you are using your credit card to make the purchases instead of cash. However,there are lots of credit cards companies like banks and retailers that are offering credit cards to the customers. Those companies are also providing the benefits like cash back rewards, points and discounts to target the maximum customers. Therefore, in this article,i am going to tell you guys 3 most beneficial credit cards that are available in the market and you must try at least once.

wallmart credit card

Walmart Credit Cards

Walmart is worlds biggest retail giant of United State that has several branches in many other countries such as Canda, Saudi Arabia and United kingdom. However, it has millions of customers around the world who shop online and visit the Walmart stores to make the purchase. At Walmart store you can almost find everything that you can just imagine. Walmart also provide the credit cards to their customers so they can save their amount by getting discount and cash back rewards. Basically, Walmart offers two types of credit cards. The first one is walmart credit card and second one is Walmart MasterCard. Both cards have different type of advantages and provides the good cash back rewards. If you don’t have walmart card then move at Walmart credit card login page to apply online.

Sams Club Credit Cards

Like the Wal-Mart, Sams is also the biggest American gaint. That also provide the credit cards option to their customers. Sams club also have millions of customers that are growing very vastly. You people can use the Sams club credit cards of different places such as Walmart, different Sams club and Murphy Gas Stations. Therefore, i will highly recommend you guys to must apply for this credit card if you are used to go at Sams club on every weekend. By getting this card you can save your dollars.

Citi Bank Credit Card

Another beneficial credit card is Citi Bank Credit Card that you also try at least once. If you truly want to get the good credit card cash back rewards. If you are the citi bank account holder then you must apply for the citi bank card in order to get the 2% cash back rewards. Another good feature of citi credit card is that you can also get 1% on any purchase and extra 1% bounce if you pay early against your bills. However, Citi Bank has many type of credit cards to facilitate their customers. But if you want the cash back rewards then i will highly recommend you to must apply for Citi Bank double Cash Card. Because this card is specifically made for the cash back lovers.



Being the financial advisor i always recommend these 3 credit cards to the credit cards lovers because these cards have huge benefits in form of discounts and cash back rewards. Other then this, you people can use these credit cards on many different places as compare to other cards. As well as these card dont charge any type of annual fee from the cardholders even not a 0.01%. I hope you people will love this detailed article regarding credit cards. If you truly found this informative then just share it with others. So Maximum people can get the information from this.