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The Cosmic Sparks Collection:


 The Athlete in...

Alien Velocity



The Prospectors in...

Sparks in Cosmic Dust



 The Model in...

Cyber Sparks



The Veterans in...

Pyro Canyon


 The Outlaws in...









Starring: Charlie Thorpe-Campbell (Professional RAM runner)

Planet(s): Earth orbit, Baccarat

Main spaceship: Bluebird

Special Tech: Revolutions-on-AntiMatter (RAM) engine

Enemies: ???

Story Themes: Survival, Sports, Heroism, Alien Contact

Content Rating: Mild violence & language







Starring: Clayton Barry (drifter, ex-military), Varinia Wilcox (cardsharp, stripper), Solomon Bodine (miner), Lyssa Foaloak, Grace Peters

Planet(s): Kappa Max, Zopyrus

Main spaceship: Taras Bulba

Special Tech: Warp jump, Ether weaponry, Pyro refining

Enemies: Kuiper Wells, Inc.

Story Themes: Greed, Adventure, Survival, Love, Alien Contact

Content Rating: Strong violence, sexuality, language






Starring: Allegra Mondebay, Lenore Reichert

Planet(s): Earth

Main spaceship: Taxicab

Special Tech: Omnipod

Enemies: ???

Story Themes: Fame, Mystery, Technology, Love

Content Rating: Mild violence & strong language









Starring: Gus Trillion (Propaganda Officer), Lyssa Baltacha (Journalist), Jane "Cardie" Acton (Politician, Ex-Pilot), Scott "Brink" Brinkman (Mechanic, Ex-Pilot)

Planet(s): Mars, Ireton Four, Altimere

Main spaceship: Stymphalian Mk. 4 Fighter

Special Tech: Omnipod, Bionic implants, Podnet

Enemies: Sheikers, Finaglers

Story Themes: Redemption, War, Love, Propaganda

Content Rating: Strong violence & language







Starring: Finnegan (mercenary), Lori Malesseur, Lindsay Polotovsky

Planet(s): ???

Main spaceship: Bess (hoverbike)

Special Tech: Hoverbike with pyro injection boost, Shelby Pulse Cannon, the Golden Fleece

Enemies: Iolchians

Story Themes: Survival, Trust, Redemption, Action

Content Rating: Strong violence & language

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