Robert Appleton

Fantastic Journeys

Prehistoric Clock

"The action scenes are heart-pounding. The suspenseful sequences are thrilling, leaving the reader with an appreciable growth of dread to rival the characters’. The mysterious elements of the plot leave you with niggling questions pricking at the back of your mind. The romantic scenes are sweet, not unnecessarily forced or over-the-top. It is a well-crafted, adeptly compiled and thoroughly entertaining novel. Fans of science fiction, steampunk, and time travel will delight in this wonderful gem. I know I am anxiously awaiting the next installment in the series."                             ???? -- Thirteen Days Later Reviews  

"Prehistoric Clock is a wonderful novel in the spirit of pulp adventures by H. Rider Haggard and Edgar Rice Burroughs and is the first book of a series. If you love page-turning thrills with a dash of romance, here's a book for you."  5/5 --  Ted Mahsun

"Definitely great fun... Jules Verne and H.G. Wells would be so proud! Prehistoric Clock reads very much like something of the Verne school of adventure writing... The ending is open enough that there could be a sequel. I sincerely hope so."  Escape Rating: B  --  Reading Reality

"Prehistoric Clock” by Robert Appleton is fantastic. FANTASTIC!" 4/5 -- Ginny, Pure Textuality

"What a wild ride this story is!" 4/5 -- Heather, Romance Reader At Heart

"Steampunk AND dinosaurs. Airships AND time travel. Robert Appleton has this way of building big worlds and populating them with a complex ensemble cast of characters. I am never disappointed with his stories. Fun, adventure and originality await!" -- J.L. Hilton, author of Stellarnet Rebel 

"Skillful writing, nice characterizations, a really wonderful airship, and some truly awful dinosaurs and people both: well done. Looking forward to the rest of the series." -- Stewartry Reviews


The Mysterious Lady Law

"The characters were very delightful and believable. The book hooked me in, and I couldn’t stop until I found out what happened next. Mr. Appleton’s voice reminded me of all the great classic books I loved to read, Haggard, Wells—so I was absolutely thrilled to find a modern day book with the same tone. Mr. Appleton’s Victorian London was very well done and I wouldn’t hesitate to read more of his works or recommend him to Steampunk fans."        -- AmyC, Night Owl Reviews Top Pick        

"...succeeds in capturing the spirit of the classic "Whodunit" detective fiction. With the added steampunk element, it's quite the imaginative romp...I hear-tell that this story is Robert Appleton's first go at steampunk. I think he wove a fun little tale, and hope he has plans to write in the genre again." 4/5 -- Alisha, My Need to Read

"The writing was excellent: descriptions described beautifully without being too wordy, the author showed, rather than told, and at times, I felt like I was right there. I could picture things as they were happening. Very well done." 'Pick Me' Rating, 4/5 -- Em's Reviews

"The mystery, interlaced with the Victorian era setting was well-defined and compelling and the characters were likable and their plight intense." -- Parajunkee's View

"...filled with adventure and wonderful steampunk gadgets ...It is interesting to see if a dance hall girl, detective and aging adventurer can outwit the formidable Lady Law. I recommend this book to lovers of steampunk and lovers of mysteries." -- Kathy, Inside of a Dog

"Journey into a steampunk reimagining of Victorian London in The Mysterious Lady Law.  Robert Appleton has penned an entertaining mystery that starts off with a bang and ends in a mostly satisfying way.  I liked Julia, Al, and Holly, the tale’s protagonists.  They’re interesting characters with unique voices and their energy buoyed the story." -- Shayna, Joyfully Reviewed

"Robert Appleton does an excellent job of realizing this world and building the bits and baubles up a piece at a time... Overall, I enjoyed the worldbuilding and the mystery.  I was kept guessing on what was coming right up to the end and I was left satisfied with the story we were given." -- Kelly, Reading the Paranormal 

"I really enjoyed this story it’s not long, maybe the length of novella but there is an intriguing mystery and some great characters...There are some exciting set pieces and a surprise ending that I thought fit in really well. Recommended for fans of Gail Carriger and Marie Brennan. 7/10" -- Mel's Random Reviews

"The Mysterious Lady Law is a quick and entertaining read, placing a traditional mystery in a steampunk setting." -- Pamela, The Discriminating Fangirl 

"Appleton’s description of the steampunk world is brilliant and imaginative. 4/5" -- Jessica, Novel Reaction


The Mythmakers

"The Mythmakers by sci-fi author Robert Appleton is a truly fascinating space opera with lots of laser fire, clashing spaceships, mythical creatures, death and deceit, secrecy and some easy-to-hate villains in royal uniforms. The story started out at full speed and never let up until the very end." FOUR LIPS -- Two Lips Reviews 

"Very interesting and well-written... It's an unusual story, one that I won't forget in a while, for a good reason." Rating: 87 -- Mrs. Giggles Reviews

"For readers who enjoy science fiction with a good dose of romance, this book would fit the bill. The Mythmakers had a lot of good action and the elements that make the science fiction genre enjoyable, and philosophical aspects did get me thinking. I had intended to put the book down and go to sleep, but somehow I ended up having to stay up late to finish The Mythmakers." -- Bitten by Books


Alien Velocity

 "Robert Appleton takes his readers on another fantastic journey to exotic worlds with foreign landscapes and alien life forms...If you are into science fiction and great writing, give this a try." -- Bitten By Books

"...What I can comment on is how much I liked this book...If you’re looking for an interesting, fast-paced science fiction novel, then Alien Velocity is for you."  -- Hellen's Reading Corner



The Basingstoke Chronicles

"The Basingstoke Chronicles is a novel any speculative fiction fan would enjoy. Robert Appleton’s creative mind runneth over with imagination, and we as readers are the lucky recipients of that creativity . For those of us who long for stories in the vein of Wells and Verne, we now have it with The Basingstoke Chronicles.

The novel has time travel, ancient civilizations, mythical creatures and locations and natural disaster. I could not ask for more.

I felt in the moment with the characters throughout the book. Every discovery made, I was a part of, every disaster averted, I felt relief. This is the kind of book that makes you hope the author has more installments planned in the future. I believe, if continued, it has a great chance to become an epic series. I guess by now you can tell I highly recommend The Basingstoke Chronicles." FIVE Tombstones -- Bitten by Books

"Possessing the descriptive power of a modern day Jules Verne and the narrative pace of a twenty-first century Sir Rider Haggard, don’t let Robert Appleton’s easy flowing, yet thoughtfully worded, adventure just drift on by!" -- Lois C. Henderson

"A fine story to spend time with." 7/10 -- Nancy Louise, Novelspot


Sunset on Ramree

 "I felt as though I was there alongside the men trying to escape. This is a book that will stay with you long after you close the cover."  FIVE STARS -- Readers Favourite

"Sunset on Ramree is a book you not only read, but live. Each word draws you in deeper to experience the fear and terror along with the lead characters, Shigeatsu and Kodi. This is one book I will not forget for a very long time and highly recommend you read."  -- Sloane Taylor, author of Czech Mate


Godiva in the Firing Line


"Godiva in the Firing Line is an interesting mix of science fiction, soft romance, and hard-core war. Mr. Appleton brings his characters to life with all their flaws and their romantic ideals. He cleverly crafts an alien world where humans are pitted against giant monsters. This is a story sure to entertain." -- Penny Ehrenkranz, One Writer's Journey

"Mr. Appleton delivers a very good science fiction tale.  The characters are lively.  The action fast and exciting.  Overall a very good evening read." -- ChrisChat Reviews


The Eleven-Hour Fall

"This excellent book is imaginative and well written and has a surprise in store at the end. I don't often 'Love' science fiction but I did this one!" Five red roses, Linda   -- Red Roses For Authors

YOU GOTTA READ (The highest rating). "This is a wonderfully action-filled and imaginative science fiction…with a romance too!"  -- You Gotta Read Reviews

 "Lyrical description, a heroine to love, and enough science fiction content to intrigue a reader who likes "different"... what more could one ask for? Sequels, perhaps? Yes, and even here Mr Appleton delivers the goods..."  -- Sally Odgers, author of O'Connor's Last Stand

"This man writes with such glowing descriptions that you'll find yourself in the most astonishing places, with your mouth gaping. Loved it!"  -- Ginger Simpson, author of Sarah's Journey


The Elemental Crossing: The Eleven-Hour Fall Book 2

"The second book in this fascinating sci-fi thriller series is as good as the first." Five red roses, Linda  -- Red Roses For Authors

YOU NEED TO READ. "In addition to more dangers and adventures, the second book is more contemplative: addressing the reactions and motivations of man and woman when life comes down to the very basics of surviving all alone. This book leaves you at a startling point where you have to go on to the last book if you want to know the fates of Kate and Jason!"  -- You Gotta Read Reviews 


Kate of Kratos: The Eleven-Hour Fall Book 3

 "What makes these three books so appealing is that the author seems to have an endless vision of strange and different monsters and writes vividly of the beautiful strangeness of the planet. I feel this author will one day write a science fiction masterpiece. Once again I can only give this book five red roses. I loved the ending." Linda Sole  -- Red Roses For Authors

YOU NEED TO READ. "If you like wild imagination, action and adventure in a strange new world, you Need to read this series! And if you are a sci-fi fan I would consider this a Must Read series for you!!"  -- You Gotta Read Reviews

 4.5 STARS. Chrystal  -- Ghost Writer Literary Reviews



"This story has a bit of an unexpected twist at the end that ties the two characters together, as we know that whether or not they ever see each other again, their lives are permanently changed as a result of their meeting."  FOUR ANGELS, Whitney  --  Fallen Angel Reviews

"Lovely tale...I really enjoyed this story of how two different people can meet in extraordinary places. Robert takes us on a ride, a ride that says even friendship can be formed in the stars."  -- The Pen & Muse


Esther May Morrow's Buy or Borrow

"All five stories are worth your time and are entertaining. I am looking forward to more intriguing tales with Esther May Morrow and her unusual store."  FOUR ANGELS, Stephanie B.  --  Fallen Angel Reviews

"This first collection in Everest’s short story cycle pulls the reader in easily, incorporating the character of Esther as a background fixture with enormous impact. Each story is both unique and complete yet allows Esther to appear in subsequent tales with ease. This reviewer looks forward to reading more about this intriguing character."  4 Tombstones -- Carol -- Bitten By Books

 "Mr. Everest writes with such description and reality, you’ll be swept into each chapter and experience the story along with the characters. If I learned anything from his creative genius, it’s… be careful what you wish for."  -- Ginger Simpson, author of Sparta Rose


Lot 62: An Esther May Morrow Mystery

"This is a very fast and furiously paced bit of whimsy that keeps you on your toes. I had no idea exactly what this was going to be about, and you will not care because you will be as caught up in it as I was. This is the second in the series and is able to stand alone quick nicely. But I must say I now want to read the first and be in line to get the next couple stories in the series hinted at in the book. The end is so surprising and the twists and turns this takes you on makes you wonder how this quick tale packs such a big punch."  FOUR Cups, Lainey  -- Coffee Time Romance

"This twisty story reads like a suspenseful spy story, yet turns into something else altogether. Readers, if they are anything like this reviewer, may think they have figured out what is going on and then find themselves taken completely by surprise. This aspect of the narrative, as well as the creepiness of the resolution, earn the author accolades."  4.5 Tombstones  -- Bitten By Books

"Bravo! Arthur Everest, on an excellent story! Though few on pages, this short story is an intriguing voyage into the world of espionage, with a bit of a twist. It's worth the read." FIVE STARS  -- Ghost Writer Literary Reviews

"...a short, thrilling story. Arthur Everest does a fantastic job of setting up the story and seamlessly weaves in Julie's past association with MI6. While the story can easily be read in one sitting, it's full of non-stop action and kept my interest. If you're in the mood for a quick, thrilling read with a very bizarre ending, don't pass this by."  -- ParaNormalRomance Reviews

(4 out of 5 - A Page Turner)   "Running at just 27 pages, Lot 62: An Esther May Morrow Mystery is a very quick read. It's a well-done mini-mystery that got me going. Also, it has a surprise ending which is kind of fun."  --  Night Owl Romance Reviews

 "I thoroughly enjoyed reading this mystery. Julie's character is both intriguing and exciting. Those who love mysteries along with some paranormal will enjoy Arthur Everest's Lot 62. A mysterious delight !"  -- The Pen & Muse

"I loved the old Twilight Zone episodes and the best description I have for this book is that it is similar to those tales. If you are a fan of these kind of off beat, unusual but intriguing stories then you will enjoy the Esther May Morrow tales. " 3.5 Hearts  -- The Romance Studio 

"The twist at the end of this novella was not the one I expected. It was viciously ironic and has the feel of a cliffhanger. It makes me wonder what will happen next as well as what happened in the previous volume."  --


Fruitless: An Esther May Morrow Fantasy

"A master of the art of surprise, Everest excels at catching the reader off-guard. The stories border on horror in some respects and will appeal to those readers as well as paranormal fiction fans." 4 Tombstones -- Bitten By Books

 "Imaginative..." --