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Updated 23.04.2012   Upcoming stories and works in progress...


CYBER SPARKS (A Cosmic Sparks Novella)

Sci-Fi/ Futuristic -- (Novella, 32,000 words) -- August 2012, Carina Press

In a future where every virtual whim and desire shapes reality, how is a girl expected to keep it real? Celebrated cosmetics model Allegra Mondebay may have lost her job, her income and her reputation after a humiliating public scandal, but that doesn’t mean she’s yesterday’s news in a world addicted to change. Though to keep her dream alive, she might have to kiss goodbye to reality…

Her best friend, Lenore Reichert, swears by the galaxy’s latest craze—the omnipod, a virtual device that allows the user to “plug into” unlimited cyber wonders. But during Allegra’s virgin upload, an unexpected side-effect begins to haunt her—a mysterious voice from the other side of cyber space, whose message propels Allegra and Lenore on a wild adventure into the virtual unknown.

PYRO CANYON (A Cosmic Sparks Novella)

Sci-Fi/ Futuristic/ Military -- (Novella, 37,000 words) -- June 2012, Carina Press

**Also included in the Carina Press Presents: Editor's Choice Volume 2 anniversary anthology**


It’s a galaxy-wide red alert…again.

And it’s Corporal Gus Trillion’s job at the Propaganda Office to drum up recruits. But the colonists have heard one too many calls to arm to care. Disabled in battle and on the verge of burn-out, Gus feels pretty apathetic himself—until his reporter friend Lyssa Baltacha stumbles upon top secret satellite footage indicating that the treacherous Sheikers are planning to invade human-occupied space. Now Gus and Lyssa must find a way to galvanize humanity to rise up against the enemy—before it’s too late…


 THE RISE OF RED MULQUEEN (A Steam Clock Legacy Novella)

 Steampunk Sci-Fi/ Holiday (Novella, 27,000 words) -- Carina Press, 2013 TBC



The Steam Clock Legacy:

#1       PREHISTORIC CLOCK -- Feb 6, 2012 (Carina Press)

#1.5    MOON & MERIDIAN  -- Currently writing...


#2.5    THE RISE OF RED MULQUEEN -- Release Date TBC (Carina Press)



UNTITLED HORROR NOVEL -- Paranormal Horror -- (WIP at 14,000 words)

MONTGOMERY IN ADVANCE -- WW2 Time Travel Fantasy -- (WIP at 17,000 words)

DARK SIDE OF THE MOON (A Cosmic Sparks Novella) -- SF Romance -- (WIP co-written by Sloane Taylor, at 19,000 words)